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Let me introduce you to my friend Louise.

She’s a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur who, for the last five years, has built a passive income of five figures a month. She also travels around the world with her husband.

Through her Udemy courses and YouTube channel, she’s helped over…

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I’ve published 53 articles since September 2020. They’ve received over 50,000 views and have made more than $1,500.

As someone who writes as a hobby, this blows my mind!

However, I want to take my writing to the next level. This is why I attended Google University.

Google University is…

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You can find my first podcast if you do enough digging. I wouldn’t, though. It was terrible.

Really, really bad.

In episode one, I spent 20 minutes sharing my “origin story”. (Cringe.)

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“If you want meaning, stop worshipping freedom…

“Those ‘laptop warriors’ traveling around the world, blogging about their lack of commitments.

“I’m sure they mean well, but what are they building? What is their legacy? What roots have they planted?” — John P. Weiss

John is one of my favourite writers…

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It started with the blinds.

My flatmate accidentally broke them when opening a window. They caught on a latch and put a dent in the slats.

I didn’t notice. My mum did, though. We were sitting in the living room when she pointed it out. …

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In 2021, I released seven online courses. The most recent of these was a collaboration with Zero to Mastery — a global academy of 500,000+ developers.

These courses have helped me quit my 9–5.

Since January, I’ve also been dating a wonderful writer. We met in person for the first…

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I leaned on the barrier.

We’d done the whole “Zoom dates” thing, but meeting in person? This was next-level stuff! My heart was doing somersaults.

Ahhhhh, there she is! That’s her!

I darted past the crowd and opened WhatsApp. “Think I saw you! Nike trainers?”

“Haha I’m wearing leggings!”


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Last month, I quit my 9–5.

My online courses make enough money to pay my bills, so I felt confident. Before taking the leap, though, I worked 11-hour days.

“You can only work smart if you’ve done the hard work first.” — Sinem Günel

Sure, there were days I didn’t…

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My grandma makes the most wonderful desserts. Lemon Meringue Pie is her piece de resistance.

What makes them unique isn’t just the taste (although they’re absolutely stunning!) It’s the fact she takes time out of her day to create something special.

There’s no better gift than showing you care.


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“This is f*cking pointless.”

I stared into my phone’s camera, getting ready to record another story. I wanted to make money online, and I had serious doubts I’d ever make any, let alone five figures.

I felt like a failure.

Slowly but surely, though, it happened. After creating content for…

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