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Let me introduce you to my friend Louise.

She’s a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur who, for the last five years, has built a passive income of five figures a month. She also travels around the world with her husband.

Through her Udemy courses and YouTube channel, she’s helped over 230,000 students learn new skills, and she’s in the process of building an Amazon store.

Last year, I spoke to her for my podcast. I wanted to know how she makes Udemy courses, the lessons she’s learned, and how long it’s taken her to get to this point.

Following her…

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I’ve published 53 articles since September 2020. They’ve received over 50,000 views and have made more than $1,500.

As someone who writes as a hobby, this blows my mind!

However, I want to take my writing to the next level. This is why I attended Google University.

Google University is a phrase Tom Kuegler coins in Design Your Dream Life. His belief is this: If you want to learn a new skill, Google can teach you how. The same goes for writing.

With this in mind, I opened my laptop, jumped online, and searched “how to become a full-time writer”…

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In September of 2018, I questioned everything.

I’d just graduated with an economics degree and was working as a prison officer. I hated every second.

After quitting, I started a business (which failed), cleaned toilets for 3 months, was rejected by companies in London, and then stumbled into SEO. This is the industry I’ve been working in for the last two years.

Now don't get me wrong — I enjoy my work and the people I work with. The problem is, I’m bored, and I feel like I’m drifting.

Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many talented entrepreneurs to…

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“If you want meaning, stop worshipping freedom…

“Those ‘laptop warriors’ traveling around the world, blogging about their lack of commitments.

“I’m sure they mean well, but what are they building? What is their legacy? What roots have they planted?” — John P. Weiss

John is one of my favourite writers, and I respect his opinion. It seems freedom can wear thin after a while.

The thing is, I want to try stuff before jumping to conclusions. I want to travel. I want to scratch the itch.

Then I’ll settle down.


Here are seven steps I’m taking to become a…

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There’s tension in the world of BitClout.

With the price of $CLOUT plummeting, one critic posted the “BitClout Scam Is Falling Apart”.

But supporters of the platform are resolute in their defense. Some cite this graph as evidence.

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The only way to make “it” work is to go all-in.

I see variations of this all the time, but is it good advice?

Been there, failed that

“What the f*ck am I doing?”

I stared at my reflection. It was 5:30 am. I was cleaning toilets and the skidmark wouldn’t budge.

After graduating from uni, I worked as a prison officer. I hated every second. I then started a business (which failed) before getting a job as a cleaner.

Hence the skidmark.

When I quit my prison job, I had no clue what to do next. Panic swept in.

Making fear-based decisions is…

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I’ve just published my eighth online course.

17 months ago, I couldn’t have dreamed of this. I was stressed, overworked, and running on empty. Making money online seemed like a pipedream.

Now, I’m averaging four figures a month.

It’s all thanks to my virtual assistant (VA). She saves me ten hours a week by doing podcast-related tasks. She edits audio, writes content, sends emails — you name it.

All I have to do is record episodes and upload them to Dropbox.

No stress, no crazy expense, and we spend less than 30 minutes a week communicating. The cherry on top…

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A writer whose work I enjoy recently published this: Journalling Is a Waste of a Paid Writer’s Time. I disagree with the headline.

(Before I continue, I asked the writer if I could mention her article. She kindly said yes.)

I believe a journal is a fantastic tool for content creators! So too are 6-month plans.

I’ve kept a journal since 2016. It’s mostly gobbledegook and that’s okay. No one reads it. After attending Google University, I also put together my first 6-month plan.

These tools have helped me make four figures a month through online courses and writing. …

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Making money is sexy.

People walk into clubs with chains around their necks. Everyone’s dancing. Hydraulic cars are bouncing.

Go Shorty…

But making money is hard.

Scarface pulls the trigger. The machine gun fires, walls collapse, and blood splats everything.

This is the paradox of making money online.

I average four figures a month through courses and writing. It hasn’t been easy. It’s come through putting out content, week in, week out, since November 2018.

For the longest time, I’ve also missed the low-hanging fruit:

“You can be twice as rich by deciding you need half as much.”

Sam Jones, Peter Jones and Touker Sulleyman
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“The open secret in the advertising industry is it’s built on exploiting our data.”

Quite the opening line. The rest of Sam Jones’s pitch is equally compelling. So much so, he received four competing offers for his company, Gener8, on the British TV show, Dragons’ Den.

Sam went on to accept a £60,000 offer for 10% of his business from Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman.

“Everything we do online is being tracked. To follow our movements and understand our behaviour. Then, (advertisers) collect this information and sell it.

“But I believe that people should have a choice to stop this…

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