Want to Push Yourself to Write More Consistently In October?

I’ve got something just for you

Scott Stockdale
4 min readOct 2, 2023
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Watching content creators like Eve and Niharikaa grow on multiple platforms is super inspiring:

  • Eve Arnold just passed 35K followers on Medium
  • Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi just hit 150,000 followers on LinkedIn

What’s their secret?

I’ve narrowed it down to this:

Consistency + Quantity + Telling Personal Stories = HUGE SUCCESS

With this in mind…

I’m writing an article a day from Monday 2nd October to Tuesday 31st October — and I’m inviting you to join me! 🥳️

The rules of this FREE 30-Day Writing Challenge are simple:

  • The articles have to be more than 800 words.
  • Original content only. Rehashing old content is fine, but direct copying doesn’t count.

I announced the Free 30-Day Writing Challenge to my email list last Thursday, and I was blown away by the response! 17 people have already joined our Discord Server from at least eight different countries…



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