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Let me introduce you to my friend Louise.

She’s a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur who, for the last five years, has built a passive income of five figures a month. She also travels around the world with her husband.

Through her Udemy courses and YouTube channel, she’s helped over…

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I’ve published 53 articles since September 2020. They’ve received over 50,000 views and have made more than $1,500.

As someone who writes as a hobby, this blows my mind!

However, I want to take my writing to the next level. This is why I attended Google University.

Google University is…

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In 2021, I released seven online courses. The most recent of these was a collaboration with Zero to Mastery — a global academy of 500,000+ developers.

These courses have helped me quit my 9–5.

Since January, I’ve also been dating a wonderful writer. We met in person for the first…

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Gary Vee dishes out lots of advice. Some of it’s great. Here’s one piece I wrote in my goal-setting notebook.

“Selling and outsourcing are the two skills you need to be a successful business owner.” — Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It

Don’t play hardball. This is 20th-century stuff. Act like you…

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